Wednesday, June 15

Teclados Dvorak en Slashdot

Hace unos días mientras leía esta entrada en Slashdot, me encontré con un par de comentarios que me hicieron bastante gracia:

Hah, Dvorak's old hat man! It's so 1990s. I personally use the Gentoo keyboard, where my typing's 5-10% faster than Dvorak or Qwerty. That's because instead of it being one keyboard layout for everyone, the keys are actually reordered for every application in the most optimal layout.
With Qwerty or Dvorak, you have to use the same keys regardless of what the program is you're using them with. The "Q", for example, on a QWERTY keyboard, is always in the top left (on English language layouts. It's "A" that's in the top left for French "AZERTY" keyboards.)

However, with Gentoo, the keys move around. So, for example, in, because I have to type "O" a lot, the "O" is right there where the "D" is in a QWERTY keyboard. The "Q", on the other hand, is assigned to F2, because I rarely need it.

Some have criticised the layout, arguing that the 5% efficiency increase is more than offset by the fact that you have to spend a day learning the new layout. This may be a problem for some people, but if you do a lot of typing, it's obvious that this is much more efficient. And besides, you can always let it run overnight, with you learning how to type using the new layout when you'd normally be wasting time asleep.

You should try it. I find the best performance is with -funroll-fingers -O102.


It sounds a bit similar to that new Microsoft keyboard, you know the one where it moves the keys round depending on which are most frequently used, and begins to hide those that haven't been used for a while.

Although it's probably a bit too revealing of, a colleague's keyboard consists solely of the keys 'O', 'M', 'G', 'W', 'T' and 'F'.

I suppose it could be worse - the manager's keyboard is now a completely blank piece of plastic.

(No fuí yo quien escribió la respuesta, por si queda alguna duda)


senior_wapo said...

yo tb :D

"Peppi here: something is wrong with the G-difuser"

que juego es? xD

los juegos de N64 eran buenos juegos

Julio Gorgé said...

Starfox? ;-)