Wednesday, September 28

First post from Vienna

So far so good. I am writing this from the internet crappy-stations from my hostel in Vienna. The people here at the Wombats(.at) hostel is very nice. I am sharing room with a couple of Japanese people, another two from USA and an Italian.

I spent the whole day registering at the university, filling in forms, asking for directions etc.. so I am now a bit tired. Next week I will move to my flat, and will have access to the university network. Then I will be able to use my lapt.. ehem.. PowerBook(tm) to surf and post some photos(thats what you want!)

Again, so far, so good.. I am really starting to love Vienna. Clean, nice, good communications, and not as expensive as I thought. Food costs about the same as in Spain. And transport is.. well.. 'inexpensive'. I am planning to buy the 'semerterkarte' next week though, so I can use public transportation during the first semester free of charge.

Thursday, September 22

Cute puppies

I came across this blog and found this funny picture:

Of course, they aren't as cute as my "alien puppet Mega from Mars" after a shower, you see:

In case you wonder, the picture is real. Taken some weeks ago in the bathroom.

Saturday, September 17

10 days to go

I have been busy lately taking care of the exams, projects and the Erasmus scholarship(a lame excuse, I know)..

From now on I will post mostly in English, so that I can point mates in Vienna to this blog. After all, this page was originally created to keep track of the incoming course abroad.

I just finished planning the subjects I am going to take:

  • Global Illumination
  • Computer Animation
  • Technical English I
  • Technical English II
  • Seminar aus Informatik
  • Algorithmische Geometrie
  • Plus a german course at the Deutsche Akademie..

As a side note, I just bought a 4 month old Nintendo DS at a local store for just 100€. It works fine and I am currently playing Wario Ware Touch!, a really original title. Next month I will surely purchase Advanced Wars: Dual Strike, when it is finally available in Europe. I played the original on a GBA emulator and got instantly hooked. The DS also matches my PowerBooks' alluminium nicely... it's a shame the Airport isn't supported by WiFiMe.

Did I mention that I am leaving on the 27th September? : )