Wednesday, September 28

First post from Vienna

So far so good. I am writing this from the internet crappy-stations from my hostel in Vienna. The people here at the Wombats(.at) hostel is very nice. I am sharing room with a couple of Japanese people, another two from USA and an Italian.

I spent the whole day registering at the university, filling in forms, asking for directions etc.. so I am now a bit tired. Next week I will move to my flat, and will have access to the university network. Then I will be able to use my lapt.. ehem.. PowerBook(tm) to surf and post some photos(thats what you want!)

Again, so far, so good.. I am really starting to love Vienna. Clean, nice, good communications, and not as expensive as I thought. Food costs about the same as in Spain. And transport is.. well.. 'inexpensive'. I am planning to buy the 'semerterkarte' next week though, so I can use public transportation during the first semester free of charge.


\o/ said...

What do you mean with... "inexpensive"??

Julio Gorgé said...

I mean a lot of people dont even pay for the underground or the 'einbahn'(tranvia?). You dont have to ticket, there is really no control over the passengers here. I purchased a 72h ticket yesterday thouhg, I have heard you could get a fine of 60e if you get catched without ticket.

hgh said...

then you must remove this "no soy pirata" banner :P

javi said...

pásalo bien.

Leandro said...

Julessssssssssssssssssssss dudeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds so friggin amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

Ánimo loco! hemos estado estos días preguntando a todo el mundo si sabía algo de tí... jejejejeje, NADIE TENÍA NI ZORRA!. Bueno me alegro que estés acomodándote así de bien, pásalo bien máquina!


Pablo said...

Eih, Julius, me alegro que te lo estes pasando bien y te vayas acoplando a la cultura austriaca, a ver si te vemos pronto por el messenger y nos cuentas mas,
saludos ;)