Tuesday, November 29

The industry is in for a gaming crash

Just as I finished posting my last entry about the Xbox 360, I found a very interesting article at The Inquirer about the state of the game industry. I think it is a good read, and I mostly agree with the author. Here is a quote of the end of the article:

Nada más terminar de colgar la última entrada sobre la Xbox 360, llegué a un interesante artículo en The Inquirer sobre el estado de la industria de videojuegos. Me parece una lectura interesante, y coincido con el autor en la mayoría de los puntos. Aquí hay un fragmento del final:

So, you have the same situation that you did in the past, swathes of high priced boredom. Mediocrity with no way of picking the good from the bad. Anything that could help you has been co-opted, and you have to throw darts with $60 attached to each one.

Sadly, the gaming industry is in a self-imposed death spiral. Everyone is putting on a brave face, touting the latest v6 of a game that came out before most of it's audience was born. What was a fun hobby full of creative geniuses and their mad art has become a grey corporate parking lot. (...)

Rather than take a step back, they are addicted to marketing plans and money men. It will kill them, and in a few years, good will arise from the ashes. It happened with arcades, it happened with the first wave of consoles, and is about to happen again. It is high time someone flushed the toilet that the games industry has become, it will do us all a world of good.


\o/ said...

It would be really cool. There's ages since I found any modern game interesting. I just play some emus from time to time...

Manuel F. Lara said...

While I partly agree with the article's vision of the current MAINSTREAM videogame industry, I think there is still hope in the indie scene and in some companies who bet for original and innovative concepts, such as Nintendo.

Julio Gorgé said...

Yes, there is still some hope.. I am looking forward to seeing Nintendo's Revolution. The Indie scene is also another source of original games, I just hope the market does not get flooded with crappy titles during the next years.