Monday, November 28

Testing the Xbox 360

Today I visited the Xbox Experience in MAK Vienna. From 24th November to 4th December, allows visitors to test the new Xbox 360 for free. There is also a contest for rock bands: the 12 finalist groups will be playing during the week, with the big final scheduled for 2th December.

There were about 100 consoles, all connected to Samsung HD LCD's. I played most of the games, but could not try Perfect Dark Zero, because the 10 kids playing deathmatch would not leave their seats :P.

Some impressions about the console:

- I like the design. It's bigger than I expected.
- The gamepads are ok, nothing revolutionary but comfortable.
- The high-definition TV's really make a difference. I, for one, would not buy a next-gen console before owning one of those LCD screens.

About the games:

  • Project Gotham Racing 3: Nice graphics.
  • Kameo: Not a bad game.. cool graphics, but I didn't like the main character design at all.
  • King Kong: The atmosphere is quite good, but still I didn't find the game fun.
  • NFS Most Wanted: Good graphics, easy control. Now you can refill your nitro-gauge ala Burnout. Just one more NFS from EA.
  • Amped: I found the graphics below average.
  • Call of Duty 2: A big deception. The same scripted, predictable, gameplay of former titles like COD or MOH:AA. In my opinion, visuals are not next-gen neither. Innovation please!
  • Ninety Nine Nights: Technically impressive, and my favourite so far. It was the same demo presented in the TGS2005.

There were other sport games I didn't bother to try(soccer, basket). These are just my impressions, so just take them with a bit of salt.

Now, some pictures:

10 Xbox 360 linked together to play Perfect Dark Zero in deathmatch mode

The concert hall


Nae said...

Me vas a permitir que comente en castellano. Si no mal recuerdo, Call Of Duty 2 es de activision, no de EA. Ahora, EL MAL deberia innovar algo mas que los juegos de Will Wright y Peter Moulineux.

Julio Gorgé said...

Tienes toda la razón.. gracias por la correción ;-)

English readers: Call Of Duty 2 is published by Activision, not EA. Sorry!