Thursday, December 22

Free GBA programming e-book

Here you can download a free e-book in PDF format called "Programming the Nintendo Gameboy Advance", by Jonathan S. Harbour. It was not released in book stores due to legal problems with Nintendo.

From the author:

"A physical CD-ROM will be available for order for the 2nd Edition shortly, containing both the e-book, source code, utilities, and compiler tools! Until then, I am still accepting orders for the sources via email.[...]

The source code files, project files, graphics files, and sound files have been packaged into a single archive file, available for $16 (US)--to help compensate for the time I put into converting the book to electronic format--and I'm currently going on 140 hours just working on the PDFs, with about 100 hours of work put into the 2nd Edition."

Thanks to ZXS of the Stratos forums for the tip!

Talking about free e-books: if you want to learn Python, give this book(Dive Into Python) a download. Kudos to Ethernet for the link.

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