Wednesday, December 28

A walk on the snow

Today I went for a walk, there is snow everywhere! I decided to check the Augarten park close to my flat in the 2nd district of the city, Leopoldstat. Points of interest are:
  • The Augarten porcelain manufacturer
  • Two of the Viennese Flaktürme: enormous anti-air defense towers from reinforced concrete, built by the german army during the 2nd World War. There are six in total around Vienna. They remained after the war because of the hight costs of their demolition.
I also took pictures of my street again, to show how different the city looks now:

Hoy me fuí a dar un paseo, aprovechando que la ciudad está completamente nevada. Decidí acercarme al parque Augarten que está junto a mi casa, en Leopoldstat, el distrito nº2 de la ciudad. Puntos de interés:

  • El fabricante de porcelana Augarten.
  • Dos de las Flaktürme: enormes moles de cemento reforzado, construídas como defensas anti-aire por el ejército alemán durante la segunda guerra mundial. Hay seis torres en total a lo largo de la ciudad. Se dejaron en pie tras la guerra, debido a los altos costes de la demolición.
De nuevo tomé fotos de mi calle, para poder mostrar como cambia Viena en sólo dos meses:

October vs December in Obere Donaustrasse
The siemens-nixdorf bridge
The tram
The "Gefechtsturm" in Augarten
The "Leitturm" in Augarten
The park is completely covered by the snow
The Augarten porcelain manufacturerDogs playing in the park.. cute!

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