Tuesday, January 31


Here are some links I came across recently:

Global Guerillas, a blog focused on the intersection of terrorism, infrastructure, and markets. I highly recommend it. I find some posts like this really interesting and it gives clues about the motivations behind some terrorist actions. Sometimes I feel like reading William Gibson there..

PC/Mac Snippets for indie development is an article I co-wrote with Pablo Perez back last summer. It got published 6 months later though. I will probably update it with more tips and code sometime during this month. One of the best things about getting published on GameDev is all of the helpful and constructive feedback you can get.

Introduction to the Japanese writing system(spanish) is an impressive and well put article by popular spanish Blogger Kirai. Quite entertaining even if you don't plan on taking any japanese lessons ;)

100 most essential words in anime. I bet you will be able to understand 50% of anime dialogs if you memorize this list of words. Yosha!

Skate boarding trick videos. Feel like learning some trickz? I left my skateboard in Alicante but I may bring it along with me this month when I fly to Spain... broken wrists anyone? :)


ShAq said...

Hi, good links, but the link to feedback for the snippets i think should be http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?key=featart&uid=2281&forum_id=35&Topic_Title=Handy+PC%2FMac+OS+X+Snippets+for+Indie+Development
see you,

Julio Gorgé said...

Fixed, thanks ;)