Saturday, February 11

Alte Donau + back in Spain

Some friends told me that it was possible to walk over the frozen surface of the Alte Donau, so I went to check it out. It was not really cold that day(about 3ºC), but we the surface was firm and we could walk around without major problems.

The U1 - Alte Donau subway station

Somebody walking over the frozen surface of the river

Small houses with private docks

I forgot to say that I came back to Spain for one week, returning to Vienna on the 17th February. I have been 4 months away from my family and my friends, so it was about time. There are no lectures in the Technical University of Vienna during this month, so it is the perfect time to travel and relax a bit.

Finally, some links:

  • WikiTravel, a collaborative project to create a world-wide travel guide. The entry for Vienna packs a lot of useful information and resources.

  • Interview with John Carmack on mobile development.

  • I updated the PC/Mac snippets article that was published in last month. You can download it in PDF format here

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