Sunday, March 12

A year ago...

... I switched to the Mac. And I couldn't be happier about it : ). My loyal PowerBook G4 12" has been my main computer since then. I left my PC in Alicante, and I haven't used it since september. That means one can survive without Windows : )

I have already forgotten about virus, spyware, the long sessions formatting C: and reinstalling Windows and apps, the evil drivers, and all the nasty things that Windows users have already accepted as a part of computing. The OS is more solid and user-friendly than Windows by far, and the array of preinstalled applications and utilities really makes my life easier. The iLife suite is a joy to use, and it is fun too.

Moreover, the switch enabled me to apply for several jobs that allowed porting of PC games to Mac OS X.

Macs have also become cheaper than before, and specially the new iMac beats the crap out of any PC on the same price level. A couple of friends switched during last year(Mac Mini, iMac), and others are considering a Mac as the next computer they will buy. I must add that GNU/Linux is a good alternative to Windows too, but the user experience and the hardware compatibility are still big problems, despite all of the "Linux goes mainstream" news in the internet.

After a long time, I am having fun using a computer, again : )

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