Friday, April 28

Deadline frenzy..

The deadline for the CG23 game prototype approaches. I am putting all my best to make it on time.. :P. Most of the subsystems are functional(but asking for a later rework), but I have not started yet with one of the most difficult parts: collision and response handling. And no, I am not using ODE, PhysX, Newton or whatever physics library for this. I just need to handle sphere-polygon soup collisions, and I think that learning how to write such routines will pay off in the future.

By the way, I have been using the source code of Irrlicht as inspiration for Mousy Ball's engine. It is really neat and self-contained, contrary to plugin-hell-based engines such as Ogre or Crystal-Space.

Current aspect of main menu

Test level designed by Tina

To finish, feel free to check out the Creative Commons Wired CD on I know it is old news though. It includes Beastie Boys, David Byrne, Dan The Automator, Gilberto Gil, Cornelius, and many more Creative Commons-licensed tracks, all licensed for remixing and spreading : ), coming in 320Kbps MP3 format!

Tuesday, April 25

Hardcore trip to Znojmo

Here are some pictures from the Hardcore Trip to Znojmo(Czech Republic) organized by the TU-Buddy Network last weekend. We left Vienna on friday afternoon and came back by train the next morning.


Old town

At a vegetarian restaurant

Cool people

We were the last left in the disco

Tuesday, April 18

Danube Island

Quoting this site:
The Danube Island is a recreational area with countless bars, restaurants and nightclubs, a wealth of sports opportunities from rollerblading to canoeing and a beach nicknamed the "Copa Cagrana".

Few, however, know that it's also a highly sophisticated flood protection system(O'RLY?) stretching for 21 km: a second bed for the mighty river Danube was dug out in the area of the city of Vienna, throwing up a strip of land in between which is now the Danube Island. Tested for real it saved Vienna in 2002 from being as drastically flooded as many other Austrian cities.

I went there with some friends for rollerblading last week, and it really looks better than in the picture. As stated above, it is freakin' long,

Thursday, April 13

Becas RTVV.. ¿nos quieren explotar?

Hace unos días llega a mi correo un e-mail acerca de unas becas de RTVV. Os resumo los puntos importantes de las bases:
  • 25 plazas a repartir entre periodismo, producción, realización e informática.
  • La dotación es de 685€ brutos mensuales.
  • El periodo de las becas es de 12 meses.
  • Necesaria Licenciatura o Ingeniería correspondiente.
  • Proceso de selección que puntua el expediente académico, conocimiento del Valenciano y de otros idiomas comunitarios, así como la formación complementaria. Ah, tambien hay un exámen oral.
  • Dedicación total de 35 horas semanales.
  • Localización del puesto de trabajo sin determinar

O sea, que terminas la carrera, pasas un proceso selectivo, te ponen a trabajar por 600€ al mes durante un año y encima tienes que dar gracias por "la formación especializada" que estás recibiendo.

A mí me parece que los de RTVV son muy listos, y es que no creo que al becario le hagan falta 12 meses para empezar a rendir como un empleado más. ¿Y cuando pase el año qué? ¿Vuelven a coger a 25 pringados para que se encarguen de las mismas tareas y poder pagarles cuatro duros? El año pasado ya ofertaron las mismas becas.


Note to english readers: this post addresses the conditions of an internship in a spanish radio/tv broadcasting company, sorry for the lack of translation.

Tuesday, April 4

Trip to Budapest

Last weekend I visited Budapest, capital city of Hungary. It has over 1.7 million inhabitants and is about 3 hours by bus from Vienna.

The city is nice... many historical buildings and stuff like that. Meh.

Nightlife: We checked B7 club on Friday and School Club on Saturday. Both played mostly dance music, but quite boring IMHO. B7 was OK as long as you did not step on the bit**** by mistake(no, really). School Club was full of teenagers and kinda sucked because of the karaoke.

Fortunately, on saturday we found Cha-cha-cha underground on our way back to the hostel. The DJ really did an excellent job, with own, original remixes(a.k.a. no lame mp3 'mixes from p2p networks) of a wide array of artists, such as FatBoy Slim, F.Sinatra or The Band(that really turned me on!). If you like the alternative stuff, please check this club if you ever go to Budapest. It is quite small, but.. who cares : )

On sunday we visited the Széchenyi Spa, considered as the largest medicinal bath complex in Europe(o rly?). There were many different pools and baths, as well as sauna rooms.

I wish I could post better pictures but I left my camera at the hostel during the sight-seeing walk on the second day :( and I could not take stills of the more famous places. If you want to see pictures of the city, I recommend searching for Budapest in flickr.

Danube in Budapest

Hungarian Parliament

Park in Budapest

Bonus: (yep, I am bored)

Sunday, April 2

Back from Budapest

I am finally back in Vienna after a nice weekend in Budapest : ). I won't post about the trip itself until tomorrow evening, but I here is a a picture. You can take pictures with the webcam of the internet spots installed at the hungarian McDonalds and get them sent to your e-mail for free

About upcoming movies: The trailer of Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift has been already available for some weeks. Unlike the last movie of the Fast and the Furious series, it looks like this time we will actually *see* some decent races and action. Too Fast Too Furious' races were too blurry and disturbing to watch IMHO. As a bonus, the movie takes place in Tokyo, which makes it far more interesting..

I also look forward to watching Ice Age 2 this month.