Sunday, April 2

Back from Budapest

I am finally back in Vienna after a nice weekend in Budapest : ). I won't post about the trip itself until tomorrow evening, but I here is a a picture. You can take pictures with the webcam of the internet spots installed at the hungarian McDonalds and get them sent to your e-mail for free

About upcoming movies: The trailer of Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift has been already available for some weeks. Unlike the last movie of the Fast and the Furious series, it looks like this time we will actually *see* some decent races and action. Too Fast Too Furious' races were too blurry and disturbing to watch IMHO. As a bonus, the movie takes place in Tokyo, which makes it far more interesting..

I also look forward to watching Ice Age 2 this month.

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ShAq said...

eih, muy guapa la webcam del mcdonalds, y por cierto, no te recomiendo ice age 2, :P deja mucho que desear...

un saludo desde Spain ;)