Tuesday, April 4

Trip to Budapest

Last weekend I visited Budapest, capital city of Hungary. It has over 1.7 million inhabitants and is about 3 hours by bus from Vienna.

The city is nice... many historical buildings and stuff like that. Meh.

Nightlife: We checked B7 club on Friday and School Club on Saturday. Both played mostly dance music, but quite boring IMHO. B7 was OK as long as you did not step on the bit**** by mistake(no, really). School Club was full of teenagers and kinda sucked because of the karaoke.

Fortunately, on saturday we found Cha-cha-cha underground on our way back to the hostel. The DJ really did an excellent job, with own, original remixes(a.k.a. no lame mp3 'mixes from p2p networks) of a wide array of artists, such as FatBoy Slim, F.Sinatra or The Band(that really turned me on!). If you like the alternative stuff, please check this club if you ever go to Budapest. It is quite small, but.. who cares : )

On sunday we visited the Széchenyi Spa, considered as the largest medicinal bath complex in Europe(o rly?). There were many different pools and baths, as well as sauna rooms.

I wish I could post better pictures but I left my camera at the hostel during the sight-seeing walk on the second day :( and I could not take stills of the more famous places. If you want to see pictures of the city, I recommend searching for Budapest in flickr.

Danube in Budapest

Hungarian Parliament

Park in Budapest

Bonus: scheisse.mov (yep, I am bored)

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