Tuesday, May 30

Lectures in English are coming!

W00t! My university in Alicante is going to offer a wide selection of lectures in English for the technical degrees, starting this autumn. It was about time they promoted languages other than Valenciano/Catalán.. And I think it goes without saying that being fluent in English is, or should be, a requirement for any technical or science related degree student. So, kudos to my university. Now if only they kicked some of the current professors... :-/

More information about the subjects here.

Readers: Does your home university offer any of your degree lectures in English?

W00t! ¡La universidad de Alicante va a ofrecer una amplia selección de asignaturas en inglés para las carreras ténicas! Aun no me lo creo, y es que ya era hora de que promocionasen algo más útil que el Valenciano(comentario fuera de lugar, lo sé xD ). Felicitaciones a la gente que haya conseguido llevar esto hacia delante. Ahora sólo falta que echen a algunos profesores para tenerme contento del todo :)

Más información sobre las asignatura aquí: here

Pregunta para los que me leáis: ¿En vuestras universidades tambien ofrecen asignaturas en inglés?

Saturday, May 27

Pictures along Donaukanal

It's been a log time since I posted pics of Vienna, so I thought it would be nice to display the places I cross on my daily ride to the office.


Dog area near Schwedenplatz

The Johann Strauss boat

IBM building in Obere Donaustraße 95

"Straßenbahnen" near Schottenring

Monday, May 22

Job in Vertex4

Today I started working in Vertex4, a small Vienna-based game development company. During this summer, I will be in charge of the GUI (Graphical User Interface) development for the RTS title Sun Age.

I am quite excited about it, since it can be considered as my first "real" job in the industry. It is great that the company's office is located near Schwedenplatz, because I can get there in less than 10 min. by bicycle. Here are some screenshots of Sun Age:

Hoy he empezado a trabajar en Vertex4, una pequeña compañía desarrolladora de videojuegos en Viena. Durante este verano estaré a cargo del GUI(Interfaz Gráfica de Usuario) de Sun Age, un juego de estrategia en tiempo real.

La verdad es que estoy bastante ilusionado, ya que éste puede considerarse como mi primer trabajo "real" en la industria. La oficina de la empresa está situada en Schwedenplatz, lo que me permite llegar en menos de 10 minutos en bicicleta :) . Aquí os dejo un par de capturas de Sun Age:

Wednesday, May 17

Dylo's Adventure + 80s nostalgia

Finally, Dylo's Adventure has been released :)

You can download the demo from South Winds Games or Lemon Team.com. By developing the Mac version, I have have been able to extend my knowledge about Mac OS X programming. Just for the record, I can say that to translate the DirectX-based audio routines of the Windows version, I employed a combination of QuickTime(MIDI files) and OpenAL(WAV files). The former gave me more than a headache, while the latter was easier to handle than expected. Now some screens:

I don't remember exactly how, but some days ago I felt nostalgic about the 80s. Which is funny because I was born in 1983, so there is no way I can remember those days. Miami Vice came to my mind. Some clips hosted in YouTube:

Crockett's Theme - MTV - Jan Hammer

Miami Vice Theme
Jan Hammer playing Crockett's Theme - LIVE
Miami Vice Ending - Bad Attitude by Honeymoon Suite playing

The Wikipedia has an excellent article explaining the achievements of the TV series. For instance, I didn't know that the show had such an influence on men's fashion ( arguably inventing the "T-shirt under Armani jacket"-style). Cool.

Tuesday, May 2


The Viennese Prater is a huge park located in the east of Vienna. There are large green areas and sport facilities around, but it is best known by the amusement park and its "Riesenrad"(giant wheel) which can be spotted from miles away. On the 1st May I went there with some friends to have some fun. Unfortunately, half the population of Vienna had the same idea :-/. Here are some pictures:

Short animation by Marco

One of my flatmates has created a little clip I find worth-mentioning here : )
A short animation realized in mixed technique for the course Zeichnen und Visuelle Sprachen. The topic is "Schwindel" (vertigo) and the first assigned image 'die Tür' had to be also the last one.

Monday, May 1

Obere Donaustrasse in May

This morning I took pictures of my street in Vienna again. Following is the updated image comparing autumn, winter and spring time:

Tomorrow: cool pictures from Prater :)