Wednesday, May 17

Dylo's Adventure + 80s nostalgia

Finally, Dylo's Adventure has been released :)

You can download the demo from South Winds Games or Lemon By developing the Mac version, I have have been able to extend my knowledge about Mac OS X programming. Just for the record, I can say that to translate the DirectX-based audio routines of the Windows version, I employed a combination of QuickTime(MIDI files) and OpenAL(WAV files). The former gave me more than a headache, while the latter was easier to handle than expected. Now some screens:

I don't remember exactly how, but some days ago I felt nostalgic about the 80s. Which is funny because I was born in 1983, so there is no way I can remember those days. Miami Vice came to my mind. Some clips hosted in YouTube:

Crockett's Theme - MTV - Jan Hammer

Miami Vice Theme
Jan Hammer playing Crockett's Theme - LIVE
Miami Vice Ending - Bad Attitude by Honeymoon Suite playing

The Wikipedia has an excellent article explaining the achievements of the TV series. For instance, I didn't know that the show had such an influence on men's fashion ( arguably inventing the "T-shirt under Armani jacket"-style). Cool.

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sole said...


I just managed to test it. Some feedback: the enemies do not contrast enough with the rest of the items. In general I have a bit of trouble distinguishing the stage from what is an item. I suppose that's because the screen moves fast, so maybe a bit more of different colour for the enemies and the objects would make it more easy to play.

I liked very much the responsiveness of the game, and the graphics and the sound effects are very funny.

So it's promising! :) Congratulations!