Wednesday, July 12

Still around

Yes, there are some Erasmus still around, but most are gone. Anyways, I got confirmation that I will keep working in Vienna until mid-september, so now that I think of it, it's going to be a whole year abroad! Geez..

By the way, a new version of Dylo's Adventure compatible with Intel-based Macs is already online. I also solved some compatibility issues with Mac OS X 10.3. The game was featured in the cover of the Apple games site for a week, providing a noticeable revenue increase for the Mac version :-)

Now, a brief review. A month ago I got an Acer 1916WS LCD display for 200€. Overall a good display, with decent picture quality and a nice 1440x900 resolution, which lets me split the source code in two windows in Visual Studio. Working with two source code views at once really boosts productivity by reducing the tedious tab-switching between files.

However, a cheap LCD means VGA-only input. Somehow, when I connect my PowerBook to the screen(via DVI to VGA conversor), the image gets a bit noisy, which is really annoying if you are writing text documents or surfing. When playing or watching a movie the distortion is harder to spot. However, the image quality is excellent when connected to the VGA-output of the office PC.. with just a little bleeding on the lower-corners in very dark movies.

To sum up, a good entry-level widescreen display, perfect for office and entertainment. However, if your computer does not sport VGA output(and Macs nowadays don't), I would recommend spending the extra bucks on a model with DVI-in for those who can afford it. Dell and Apple displays are usually safe bets.

Widescreen is the way to go.. the fact that Apple doesn't offer computers with 4:3 displays anymore is enough proof :)

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