Tuesday, August 1

Visit to Graz

The last weekend I visited a friend in Graz. It's the second biggest city in Austria and has a long tradition as a student city. Some firms related to the motor industry have offices and development centers in the city, such as DaimlerChrysler or Magna Steyr. Siemens and Infineon have also presence in Graz. As a result, most of the students are able to enrole in internships on some of these companies in the latest stages of their studies, such as my friend.

Now, as usual, some pictures taken during my trip:

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ShAq said...

eso si que son un par de... melones, melones, jaja, muy guapas las fotos. que ganas de irme pallá!

disfruta de tus ultimos coletazos austriacos ;)

ta luec!