Wednesday, September 6

24" inches of love

OMG! OMFG! Ponies apart, Apple today released the biggest ever desktop machine, the 24" iMac. All the models now sport 1GB of RAM across the board, and the higher-end model lets you customize the graphics card as well. For Apple to introduce such a great product today, it only means that we can expect big things for the press event of next tuesday..

Unless the MacBook Pro gets a huge-and unlikely- price cut this month, I will be buying a 17 or 20 incher next month :P. Did I mention that a maxed-out 17" is now dirty cheap? Check out your national Education Store for discounts.


ShAq said...

eih, si te sobran dos mil eurillos invitate a uno,no? :P

Julio Gorgé said...

Pues el 20" con 2gb de Ram y X1600 256mb, con descuento para estudiantes "sólo" sale por 1600€. Pero es un maquinón!!

El 24" ya es otra historia claro xD..