Wednesday, September 6

What's next

With only one week left to end my current job and resume my student life in Spain, I find myself dreaming about all the cool projects I could start now ^^. In the previous post I said I would go Linux soon, but that won't be the case anymore. My order for a Nokia 770 was cancelled because it turned out that the stated priced on the website of the seller "was wrong". At 220€, I just could not resist getting one. But now I don't think I'm paying the official price of 359€, especially when I am in the market for a new desktop and Apple is releasing new products next tuesday... yay!

So.. back to development, I'd like to make a "simple" game on my own, since the last projects were about "working for others". Looking at the revenue figures of some close independent games, I would not discard releasing my next game exclusively for the Mac... just to cut some development time and have fun reading angry comments of my PC-centric friends :). Chances are that I will end up working on some kind of 2D shooter..

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