Sunday, October 1

Games I've been playing

When you develop games, it's always important to keep playing and trying out new titles. I recently played these games:

Fren-ze, by Hermit Games. Originally relased for the PlayStation 2 "Yaroze", this retro-styled vertical shoot'em up has only 4 levels, but at a 5$ tag, it's a good deal. So I bought it, and contacted the developer some weeks ago to discuss the possibility of a Mac port. I already sent a follow-up e-mail but still no answer..

fren-ze fren-ze

Defcon, by Introversion Software. It's a real-time strategy game in a thermonuclear war scenario, similar to those represented in films such as WarGames. The demo for Windows is already out, and the Mac and Linux versions are planned to come out sometime next month. I like the game but I won't buy it since it's a multiplayer-only game and I am already playing CS:Source and Warcraft III online. Anyways, Kudos to Introversion software for another fresh game.


the2bears said...

Yeah, Mat (the developer of Fren-ze) can take awhile to reply to emails. Keep at him... I think a Mac port would do well.


Julio Gorgé said...

Thanks, it's been a month since the follow up e-mail so... Anyways I'd be happy to port the game now or later : )