Friday, November 24

Super-Tirititran en Mac OS X

Los chicos de Canino Studios lanzan hoy finalmente la versión para Mac OS X de Super-Tirititran:
Super-Tirititran es un video-juego en 2D Open Source con licencia Creative Commons al estilo de los clásicos juegos de naves. El juego está ambientado en Cádiz, ciudad donde nacieron los 3 integrantes de caninoStudios. Los escenarios, personajes y ambientación del juego son parte de esta ciudad.

Si la ciudad ficticia de Metrópolis tenía a Superman, ahora nace un nuevo superhéroe: "Super-Tirititran" que salvará a Cádiz de la tiranía del Profesor Bizcone.

En septiembre ví que el juego no tenia versión Mac, así que me puse en contacto con Javier Perez-programador de Canino Studios- para asesorarle en el proceso de portado a Mac OS X. A partir de hoy está disponible el resultado de todos los e-mails y consultas intercambiados : )

Non-spanish speakers: Game is only available in Spanish, but since the installation process and the dialogs are straightforward you should be able to give it a try as well. Game can be downloaded here, and is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms.

Wednesday, November 15

Bizarre Adventures

Recommended anime of the month: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Instead of trying to explain what the manga/anime is about, I will just post some stills from the second OAV series(which precedes the first one according to the story timeline), and say it rocks. Talking about the story, the characters and their powers would just make the story sound retarded-as with most manga- so just watch it :)

Finally: What happens when you watch too much of this? You start behaving like these otakus. They cry: "Ora! Ora! Ora!.... shineeee! (die!)". Next post will be related to Japanese culture as well.

Monday, November 13

Dylo 1.21

After 5 months of its original release, a new version of Dylo's Adventures is available. New features:

  • Improved graphics.
  • Save points during stages.
  • Easier control and tweaked overall difficulty.
  • Fully localized into English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish and Italian.
  • And you know.. bugfixes, performance improvements, etc..

Available for Windows and Mac OS X (runs on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs). Ah, and let me say again that I just ported the game to Mac OS X, so all the credits should go to Juan Pablo Ferreyra from SouthWindsGames, Argentina.