Monday, November 13

Dylo 1.21

After 5 months of its original release, a new version of Dylo's Adventures is available. New features:

  • Improved graphics.
  • Save points during stages.
  • Easier control and tweaked overall difficulty.
  • Fully localized into English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish and Italian.
  • And you know.. bugfixes, performance improvements, etc..

Available for Windows and Mac OS X (runs on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs). Ah, and let me say again that I just ported the game to Mac OS X, so all the credits should go to Juan Pablo Ferreyra from SouthWindsGames, Argentina.

1 comment:

Pogacha said...

He ported the game and fixed some bugs, yes ... but he also has given a lot of priceless additional support to the game.