Sunday, December 31

A fifth of New Yorkers poor

I don't usually talk about social matters here, but this article from Reuters caught my attention:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Food or rent? That is the daily choice faced by about 1.2 million of New York's 8.2 million people.

Faced with that choice, mostly they pay rent and rely on emergency or charity food to survive, poverty activists say.


"It's a struggle," said 53-year-old Pierre Simmons, who has a part-time job, as he wrapped up a bagel from his soup kitchen lunch for later. "I have a job, but the cost of living is so high it makes it hard to buy food."


But, of all places in the United States, New York has perhaps the most visible income gap.

While the city's Wall Street bankers are due to collect nearly $24 billion in bonuses this year, more than one-fifth of New Yorkers are battling to make ends meet below the national poverty line of $10,000 a year for an individual.
Meanwhile, the rest of the (U.S.) online press talks about Saddam, terrorists, sports and the random 'policeman-gets-shot'. Getting ontopic with this blog, I don't know if I'd like to live in that country yet, even if they offer the higher-average salary for game programmers.

The same article can be read in Spanish here.

Saturday, December 30

Inquisitor - Spotlight for Safari

This plug-in is so cool I feel I must blog about it :)

Inquisitor is a Safari plug-in that displays realtime search results as you type in the searchbar. Once installed, it can be customized via Safari preferences dialog.

On one had, it gives some hints autocompleting the typed word
or phrase. On the other, displays the first results from Google or Yahoo.

Oh, yes. It's still a 'BETA'. But which software isn't today? :-\

Saturday, December 23

Song intro

Song intro sequence is now complete. I'm not an artist but I think I managed to capture the "Ouendan" spirit:

Wednesday, December 13

Christmas Compo WIP

Despues del 'spam' de Jove en el planet stratos ;) , aquí van algunas capturas work-in-progress de mi entrada para la Christmas Compo de Drunkencoders. He decido apuntarme para así tener un juego -aunque sea pequeño- hecho en Nintendo DS antes de comenzar con la implementación de Kana DS. Mirando las fotos no es difícil adivinar el juego que voy a malclonar xD. Como el límite de las ROMs caseras(sin meterse en sistemas de ficheros) es de 4MB, sólo meteré una canción.

Despues de un intensivo de dos dias el puente pasado, ya he sido capaz de dejar los planos del modo de video como yo queria, cargar imágenes, programarme un blitblt básico, un fundido a negro de paletas, y algunas rutinas esenciales más que necesitaba. Es lo bueno y malo de la libnds, que viene pelada. Pero así al menos sabes lo que haces en todo momento y aprovechas los recursos al máximo.

Lo próximo serán algunas animaciones de las ardillas y el pintado de círculos por Bresenham.

Saturday, December 9

This would never work in Spain

You are supposed to take the newspaper from the bag and leave the coins in the box. It probably exists in many other 'civilized' countries besides Austria, yet still a shocking concept for the average Paquito.

Thursday, December 7

Water trough for 1st class citizens

I like the way dogs were sometimes considered 1st class citizens in Vienna.

It was very common to find them on the bus, metro, and even restaurants and bars. No more excuses not to take your dog for a walk when you go out with friends for a bier. I laughed when I found a water trough for dogs in the queue for a rollercoaster in the Prater:

Cool, isn't it!? I will publish some other 'bizarro' posts about Vienna this month. It's funny I'm actually missing the cold... Alicante is way too hot :-/