Sunday, December 31

A fifth of New Yorkers poor

I don't usually talk about social matters here, but this article from Reuters caught my attention:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Food or rent? That is the daily choice faced by about 1.2 million of New York's 8.2 million people.

Faced with that choice, mostly they pay rent and rely on emergency or charity food to survive, poverty activists say.


"It's a struggle," said 53-year-old Pierre Simmons, who has a part-time job, as he wrapped up a bagel from his soup kitchen lunch for later. "I have a job, but the cost of living is so high it makes it hard to buy food."


But, of all places in the United States, New York has perhaps the most visible income gap.

While the city's Wall Street bankers are due to collect nearly $24 billion in bonuses this year, more than one-fifth of New Yorkers are battling to make ends meet below the national poverty line of $10,000 a year for an individual.
Meanwhile, the rest of the (U.S.) online press talks about Saddam, terrorists, sports and the random 'policeman-gets-shot'. Getting ontopic with this blog, I don't know if I'd like to live in that country yet, even if they offer the higher-average salary for game programmers.

The same article can be read in Spanish here.

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