Monday, April 30

Jobs for freelance game developers

If you want to work as freelance in game development, there are several sites you can check for job offers.

  • Help wanted thread at the IndieGamer forums: Only paid positions, with requests covering a wide array of profiles, such as translation services, art, concept art, coding, testing, music, etc. Fulltime USA and Canada positions are advertised here also.

  • Rent a coder: It has many categories and works under a bidding system. As the name implies, it's mainly for coders.

  • Developia's Jobbörse: Not all the positions are paid, but you can filter those out using a list-box. Suitable for 2d/3d artists, coders and musicians. Fulltime positions for Germany and Austria are also often advertised here.

  • Jobs thread at the Game Studio forums. Most positions are unpaid, but worth checking for artists or musicians looking for experience.

Now, some advice:
  • Don't sell yourself too cheap. By doing so, you risk not being taken seriously, as well as spoiling the business of other freelancers. If you want to earn some experience, I would recommend to apply for unpaid positions first.

  • Make sure the contractor can be trusted. Google him, check his projects, and have a look at his forum posts to get an idea of what kind of person he(or she) is.

  • Beware of industry-outsiders contractors. It is not uncommon to find jobs posted by businessmen who don't have a clue about videogames, yet they have a *great* game concept and are willing to pay for it. Working with these people is problematic for several reasons:

    1) They will usually fail to communicate what they want effectively.
    2) They will change requirements on a daily basis.
    3) They don't understand the process behind developing a game, so they will fail to set an acceptable budget and schedule.

  • If you are an artist, always have your portfolio ready! Contractors hate applicants who say "-This is my online portfolio, but work there is old :P. Give me some days to update it plz ;)". I read things like this every month.

Finally, do you readers know of other sites offering freelance positions in the industry? Please comment!

Saturday, April 21

Internet everywhere with PowerBook + N70

I finally dumped my troublesome N-Gage QD (well, to be honest, I lost it last saturday.. but it was almost dead already) for another Nokia series 60, the N70.

I also dismissed my mobile phone operator Telefonica/Movistar. Service was a bit expensive and both their trade-in and renewal deals were a blatant ripoff. So I switched to Yoigo despite all the negative comments from early adopters I've read on some blogs. Now the good things:
  • N70 for 79€. Ok, I'm locked into a 6€/month contract for a year and a half. I guess it's not that bad after all.

  • Fixed rate calls, slightliy cheaper compared to others.

  • Internet everywhere, for a maximum of 1,4€/day(taxes incl.) over GPRS or 3G depending on spot availability.

  • Paired with my 12" PowerBook, this means flat-rate mobile internet! In Spain! And if you don't use internet, that's OK, you don't pay anything, and you aren't tied to a monthly fee whatsoever. Awesome, I tell ya, awesome..

  • The phone itself is nothing special, used to the QD as I was. Naturally, I can keep using Salling Clicker(grea app btw) and syncing my contacts, calendar and to-do's with my Mac at a single click, as usual.
Flamin' forums everywhere :)

Click 'connect', ready to surf

Wednesday, April 11

Typical uptime [edited]

Just checked my PowerBook's uptime today:

18 days without rebooting, not bad for a 12" laptop, uh ;)

Edite: New personal record, 27 days!

Wednesday, April 4

Amadas Estrellas

Este pedazo de disco lo descubrí de casualidad en una emisora de radio por Internet, donde escuché el single "Amadas Estrellas". Suelo escuchar bastante los canales ambient/electronica de Shoutcast, y normalmente no presto mucha atención a lo que ponen, pero esta canción se me quedó grabada.

El caso es que me quedé con la canción, y luego "conseguí" el disco entero, y me ha encantado.

El disco ha sido producido por Jens Gad en Ibiza, y cuenta con la voz de la española Mª Luisa Fernandez. En AllOfMP3 podeis escuchar 30s de todas las canciones. Es uno de esos álbumes de ambiente que puedes escuchar una y otra vez, sin cansarte.. algo así como Getz/Gilberto, salvando las distancias en género, claro.

Pues eso, que 100% recomendado tanto si lo comprais como si no. Yo personalmente compré el single en iTunes, pero hasta que no saquen el disco en 256Kbps y sin DRM paso de comprarlo entero. Además no sé si lo venden en España, de momento en la Fnac no lo tienen, y de importación se sale de los 10€, que es el límite que suelo pagar por un CD de música.

Por cierto, mirad que pedazo de equipo se gasta el señor Gad:
  • Mac Pro Quad 3 Ghz with Logic Audio Platinum, 5GB RAM, 96 Analog / Digital In- / Outputs, all existing Software Samplers, virtual Synths, Plugins (Waves Diamond) installed
  • 40 Channel Controller Surface
  • 2 x 23" Apple Cinema and 2 x Sony N 50 TFT Flat Screens, switchable between Computers
  • N 50 TFT installed in front of Vocal Mic (wired to control room PC)
  • Rosendahl Nanosyncs Word Clock Generator
  • PC with ACID, Reason, Storm, Reloop, Cubase, Gigastudio installed, ADSL Internet Access
  • 2,5 Terrabyte of storage space