Saturday, April 21

Internet everywhere with PowerBook + N70

I finally dumped my troublesome N-Gage QD (well, to be honest, I lost it last saturday.. but it was almost dead already) for another Nokia series 60, the N70.

I also dismissed my mobile phone operator Telefonica/Movistar. Service was a bit expensive and both their trade-in and renewal deals were a blatant ripoff. So I switched to Yoigo despite all the negative comments from early adopters I've read on some blogs. Now the good things:
  • N70 for 79€. Ok, I'm locked into a 6€/month contract for a year and a half. I guess it's not that bad after all.

  • Fixed rate calls, slightliy cheaper compared to others.

  • Internet everywhere, for a maximum of 1,4€/day(taxes incl.) over GPRS or 3G depending on spot availability.

  • Paired with my 12" PowerBook, this means flat-rate mobile internet! In Spain! And if you don't use internet, that's OK, you don't pay anything, and you aren't tied to a monthly fee whatsoever. Awesome, I tell ya, awesome..

  • The phone itself is nothing special, used to the QD as I was. Naturally, I can keep using Salling Clicker(grea app btw) and syncing my contacts, calendar and to-do's with my Mac at a single click, as usual.
Flamin' forums everywhere :)

Click 'connect', ready to surf

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