Monday, April 30

Jobs for freelance game developers

If you want to work as freelance in game development, there are several sites you can check for job offers.

  • Help wanted thread at the IndieGamer forums: Only paid positions, with requests covering a wide array of profiles, such as translation services, art, concept art, coding, testing, music, etc. Fulltime USA and Canada positions are advertised here also.

  • Rent a coder: It has many categories and works under a bidding system. As the name implies, it's mainly for coders.

  • Developia's Jobbörse: Not all the positions are paid, but you can filter those out using a list-box. Suitable for 2d/3d artists, coders and musicians. Fulltime positions for Germany and Austria are also often advertised here.

  • Jobs thread at the Game Studio forums. Most positions are unpaid, but worth checking for artists or musicians looking for experience.

Now, some advice:
  • Don't sell yourself too cheap. By doing so, you risk not being taken seriously, as well as spoiling the business of other freelancers. If you want to earn some experience, I would recommend to apply for unpaid positions first.

  • Make sure the contractor can be trusted. Google him, check his projects, and have a look at his forum posts to get an idea of what kind of person he(or she) is.

  • Beware of industry-outsiders contractors. It is not uncommon to find jobs posted by businessmen who don't have a clue about videogames, yet they have a *great* game concept and are willing to pay for it. Working with these people is problematic for several reasons:

    1) They will usually fail to communicate what they want effectively.
    2) They will change requirements on a daily basis.
    3) They don't understand the process behind developing a game, so they will fail to set an acceptable budget and schedule.

  • If you are an artist, always have your portfolio ready! Contractors hate applicants who say "-This is my online portfolio, but work there is old :P. Give me some days to update it plz ;)". I read things like this every month.

Finally, do you readers know of other sites offering freelance positions in the industry? Please comment!


Pogacha said...
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Pogacha said...

Hi Julio, I've missed this post ...
It's really interesting.
I may add that you can go to many development forums (GS, GG, IG and so) to offer your services and/or look for work.
I would say that sites like rent-a-coder and are not the best places to make money ... I've heard that they are good to contact people and reach experience. With the time your contractors will call you directly for a better paid work, or a friend of a friend of them. But I don't know if it's worth.
Also there are plenty of professional networks (like neurona) but I don't know too much about them.

Thanks for this post!