Saturday, June 9

Hell Snails

Hell Snails is a little game developed mostly for fun, but also for the Tu Tambien Puedes game competition. It's been developed in spare time during the last 2-3 weeks by Ruben Penalva (code) and me(graphics). For the music we took this CC-licensed song from Soulprawn.

The game uses the Python/Pygame framework, available for Windows/Mac OS X/Linux. The gameplay is very simple, and we couldn't tweak it as much as we would've wanted because of the contest deadline. It also has some small bugs but it's quite playable nonetheless. Some sprites from the game:

Designed in Paper 1.0, then redesigned in FireWorks 8 and animated with the same program. We don't expect winning anything with this game, but it's been fun because this is the first time I participate in a game without touching a single line of code. I should focus exclusively on graphics from now on... ? No way ! :P

However, I think I will try to improve my artistic skills. It will prove useful when I become Hokage!.


klondike said...

Hi, I've trying your game and it happens to fail when used on linux.

You should replace all the .PNG files to .png in orden to solve this into your packets. Have fun.

Julio Gorgé said...

Thanks for the tip. Truth is, the linked file is outdated :P, I will post a working one..


soulprawn said...

Hi, I'm SoulPrawn. I'd love to get my hands on Hell Snails for mac, and see how my music goes along with the game. Sounds fun!
I'd really appreciate you sending me a link. soulprawn at gmail dot com

Thanks. And thanks for using "Terror" :o)