Tuesday, June 12

Safari 3 BETA: first impressions

As you may know already, a public "beta" of Safari 3.0 is available for both Windows and Mac OS X. I have installed in on my PowerBook G4, and so far I'm very impressed by the update. Take into account that it's still beta and your mileage may vary.. but I have noticed:

  • Improved responsivity. Loading and scrolling through Kotaku before was a pain in the ass. Much smoother now.
  • Improved compatibility. Now I can correctly navigate sites I couldn't before, including some from my college and the Campus Party one.
  • Rich Text Editor control!! Finally I can edit Blogger posts from Safari. Previously I had to fallback to FireFox or Camino.
On my Windows box, Safari crashes whenever a bookmark operation is involved. Despite this, it feels very solid and speedy, on par with FireFox or even slightly better.

Webmasters should be happy because now they can test their sites for Safari compatibility without owning a Mac.

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