Friday, August 24

The family grows + SunAge PR is tough

My second Mac is now complete with its RAM upgrade! I can finally get rid of the Windows box since the new iMac can run XP too! BTW, it's the early-2007 revision, not the aluminum one. The new Radeon HD 2600 in the alu sucks, and I found the old model to be heavily discounted at a local store... so I went for it, despite already being 'obsolete':


The Radeon X1600 performs better than expected, and I'm now playing Far Cry (1), enjoying every bit of it. It's gonna take me ages to finish it though –highest difficulty level + lack of free time–.

Regarding SunAge, we are already at crunch time, aiming to deliver the first solid builds during mid-september. It's gonna be tough, because I also have the university exams soon.

Finally, I want to thank NoticiasJuegos for being the only spanish site that acknowledged my latest pseudo-PR e-mail about the new SunAge website. Someday, when I get to the top, I will reserve them a seat in my limousine for exclusive interviews :D

/falls off the bed

Update: Meristation did finally post about the new SunAge site!


AgeR said...

Thanks! I will be very glad to interview you in the near future when you turns rich ;)

The spanish press is... is... well, you know.

Pogacha said...

It's easy to fall in love with a computer like this ... I have in mind to buy a Mac one day. But it won't be in the near (and no so near) future.
I hope you can enjoy it!

About your awake dreams, I haven't heard from any game programmer which moves on a limo. Let you be the first.

Best regards!

BenKo said...

Congrats about SunAge! :) Do you know if it will be released in Spain too, or we will have to order it online?

PD: How much did the iMac cost?

Julio Gorgé said...

Thx Belén! It will be released in Spain for sure, but I'm not sure about the final distributor for this region.

The iMac set me back 1050€(really good deal in Fnac Alicante), plus 130€ for the extra 2GB RAM in a ebay shop.