Monday, September 3

Upcoming events for Fall 2007

London Game Career Fair, 23-24 October - The perfect place for newcomers to apply for jobs in the industry. Entrance is free and you can start sending your resumes now to set up interviews in advance with the attending companies. I *might* go with a couple of friends... even if it's just to attend some sessions. I must get done with other things first, and I want to finish my degree too before I start looking for a fulltime job again.

Lyon Game Developers Conference, 3-4 December - The european version of the GDC, taking place in France for the first time. I'd love to attend –mainly for networking– but tickets are usually quite expensive, in the 300-500€ range. So not GDC for me yet.

First official DOID meeting, 29 September - The brand-new spanish game developers association will have its first official meet-up in Valencia later this month. I will be there : )

Art Futura 2007, 25-28 October - Once again the Festival of Digital Culture and Creativity will be held in Barcelona. I had the opportunity to visit the city last year and attended most sessions. It's a must if you live near or you have the resources to spend the weekend there.

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