Thursday, October 25

Japanese is on the rise

Picture taken at my local Fnac in Alicante:

Yes, it says 7th edition. And that bookshelf is facing the main corridor. Sehr interessant. Bwahahaha. (· ·)

Friday, October 12

Radiohead - In Rainbows

When Radiohead left the iTunes Music Store because they didn't like people purchasing individual songs, I thought that was a bad move on their side. I agree that most music should be listened to as whole, but sometimes you really only want a like track and don't care about the others. But that wasn't the whole story. Since Radiohead is one of the still few (big)artists that is not tied to an specific record label, they are now trying to skip the middle-man and reach the fans' pockets directly. Now that's interesting.
They recently made their new album "In Rainbows" available in exclusivity through their website, in a DRM-free MP3 format(only 160kpbs though). But the shocking thing is that they are asking customers to pay whatever they feel for the album. That's right. You can either pay 1 euro or 10, or even 50 cents. This way, the final customer says how much value is the music to him.

So I paid 1 pound and I am now listening to the album... so far it sounds more of the same, which is not that bad if you like Radiohead music : ) . After all, it's the kind of music that fits those moments before you go to bed at night.

I expect more artists to follow this trend in the future, but I still think iTMS is a good marketplace, and much easier to buy music from than the Radiohead site.