Wednesday, November 21

WipEout for PSP - for free tomorrow at the PSN

If you got a PSP, and register a new PlayStation Network account between the 22nd November and 7 December, you get the original WipEout(PSX port) for free, thus saving 5 euro. In order to transfer the 90MB download to your PSP, you will need to download the Windows-only PSN Downloader available at the PSP European store.

A good move by Sony, despite leaving Mac and Linux users out, once again.

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Friday, November 16

SunAge teaser trailer

At last, the long-awaited teaser trailer for SunAge is online. Although it is short, it manages to show off the new features that make the game stand out from others RTS. You can watch the teaser in Flash, QuickTime, Windows Media or iPod formats clicking on the image:

The teaser has been my last contribution to SunAge, which is expected to hit european shelves at the end of November, and a bit later in USA. Production of the video took me four weekends, and although I got some headaches about technical issues, the biggest problem came from keeping everybody happy about the final cut: team members, the publisher, and me. As always, we had to reach a compromise which is what you can see on the released trailer.

I must also thank team member Angina P. for the awesome soundtrack she provided, and for being the easiest person involved to deal with ;)

Finally, I learned some things about video editing:

- Dual-core processors are a blessing.

- Adobe Premiere is good, but not enough to get all the work done. I had to stick to it, but I was jumping to other applications all the time to get some basic tasks performed, such as putting fade in/outs in audio tracks. The title editor in Premiere also lacks the ability to animate the text parameters, so if you want something as simple as an animated glowing title, you either work your ass off with tricks, or purchase one of the commercial plug-in packs, or get some composition done in After Effects.

- My external Lacie hard-drive USB is slow. Getting a firewire one in the mid-term.