Tuesday, April 15

AirportMania is out!

AirportMania is out!

Although my involvement in this game –developed by SouthWindsGames for Reflexive– is limited to the development the Mac version (I don't like the term 'port'), it is really a project I'm proud of having worked on.

The game has been designed by Rusell Carroll from Reflexive, and the programming has been the doing of Juan Pablo Ferreyra, a friend with whom I already collaborated on Dylo's Adventure. Some interesting excerpts from the interview with Rusell Caroll on GameTunnel.

Q - So it sounds like Airport Mania had a three person team working on it then?
A - Well the team was a little larger than that. I did the game design and also the level design, South Winds Games had 3 people involved, doing coding, art and Mac porting. Reflexive, who is the financer and owner of the game, also had several people involved doing sound and music (along with lots of interesting suggestions and feedback along the way).

Q - Sounds like a pretty big project then?
A - It was, especially for Juan and I, though we've both worked on games before, neither of us has been involved with something of this scope. Creating the full game, start to finish, ended up taking close to 14 months.

Q - So with it being an easy game with friendly graphics, doesn't that make it a kid's game?
A - You know, I'm always disappointed at that kind of generalization. Airport Mania is really for everyone who is a kid at heart. Unfortunately, I have seen some people turn up their noses at the game's graphics, so I would guess that some people feel it is somehow beneath them. While I did make the game easy, there are a lot of challenges built in to push players of different skill levels.