Sunday, July 13

BugMeNot widget 1.02

I have released an update for the Dashboard BugMeNot widget. The widget had stopped working some months ago for some reason, but I didn't look into it until today. 

First, I looked at the HTML output and realized that it was now a bit more difficult to parse the accounts data due to some new javascript code. Reading the FireFox extension's source code revealed a special URL that makes to output the old HTML, so I made the widget to send all petitions to that URL instead. 

BugMeNot widget website gets a revamp

The new Lemon Team website replaces the previous, two years old design. The revamp was needed to better reflect the recent activities and work of Lemon Team. The archive with old games is gone for the moment, but I will try to put a link to it somewhere on this blog soon.

Lemon Team

Wednesday, July 9

Visiting the tower of Collserola, Barcelona

During the MPM Stage we enjoyed a guided tour of the Tower of Collserola. Wikipedia says:

Torre de Collserola (or Torre Foster) is a uniquely designed tower located on the Tibidabo hill in the Serra de Collserola, in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. It was designed by architect Lord Norman Foster, and built in 1992 for the 1992 Summer Olympics. It features a pod for floor space like many towers but uses guide lines for lateral support like a mast. Mainly used as a TV and radio transmitter, this futuristic design provides the highest viewpoint over the city. The top antenna reaches 288.4m (946 ft) and the top of the pod, which has thirteen floors, reaches 152m (499 ft).
We were not allowed to take pictures of the 'war room', so I can only show the tower from the outside: