Tuesday, September 9

Virgin Play to release Japanese learning game

Link: http://www.v2play.com/paginas/juego.php?Cod=19
More: http://www.siliconera.com/2008/06/06/virgin-play-brings-ds-japanese-training-to-europe/

On one hand, I'm sad because I was/am trying to do something very similar with my project. On the other hand, I'm happy because somehow I was right about the mainstream appeal of the game. So there it goes, non believers. Can't wait to play the game when it gets released... it will probably sell well even if it's bad.

PD: Yep, the second link is from 6/6/2008. Google Alerts is supposed to brief me once a week about any news on "japanese game learning ds", but somehow missed the most important articles on the topic. That, or I don't know how to use Google Alerts properly.

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