Tuesday, July 14

DOID Mag #2 now available

The second number of DOID Magazine is finally available for download at DOID's website. Many thanks go to all those who contributed to this release.

Sunday, April 12

Four pictures I couldn't have taken with my old point-and-shoot

My old 5 megapixel HP R707 is not a bad point-and-shoot camera, as the late 2004 DPReview.com review shows.

But there are many things you just can't do with a pocket digital camera, so a couple of months ago I got myself an entry level DSLR, the Nikon D60. It has its shortcomings, as the (probably intentional) lack of EV bracketing or the absence of live-view and video recording features, but overall picture quality is great out of the camera. Here are four pictures I couldn't have taken with my R707:

Depth of field effect, almost unachievable with pocket cameras:

Continuous autofocus is best for shots like this one:

A small crop of a huge 10.2 megapixel image:

Another case of DOF:

For the curious, here's my flicker photostream with more pictures. I also recently used the D60 to take the office pictures on the udpated about and jobs sections at lemonteam.com.

Monday, March 9


Fracture is not the title of an internet porn flick, though I must admit it'd make a good one. Anyways. Today I finally got my free copy of Lucas Art's Fracture for Xbox 360 from the very Xavi Robles from Eurogamer.es / AnaitGames. Thanks!

The game? Well, EG, Edge and 1UP gave it a 4... so nothing much else to add.

Monday, March 2

Airport Mania available on the App Store!

At last! Airport Mania, our longest running iPhone project surfaced today on the App Store. I'm really excited by all the positive reviews the game is getting on the US and Spain stores, and hope it makes it into the top 100 soon :)

(it's only $0.99 / 0.79€ !)

Sunday, February 8

Half braggging, half marketing

This is how my workspace at Lemon Team looks:

My workplace

Cool, isn't it? But this is not just bragging, it's also marketing. I want to tell any future prospective employees how cool our working environment is. So far we have been very lucky with our first hire (Renato) and intern (David), as they are both excellent programmers and have been helpful since the first day. But we might have trouble finding more local talent in the future, so we try keeping our studio visible by posting on blogs and forums. You never know who you'll end up working with!