Sunday, February 8

Half braggging, half marketing

This is how my workspace at Lemon Team looks:

My workplace

Cool, isn't it? But this is not just bragging, it's also marketing. I want to tell any future prospective employees how cool our working environment is. So far we have been very lucky with our first hire (Renato) and intern (David), as they are both excellent programmers and have been helpful since the first day. But we might have trouble finding more local talent in the future, so we try keeping our studio visible by posting on blogs and forums. You never know who you'll end up working with!


Anonymous said...

May be, it isn't so cool, but I prefer wire keyboards and mouses.

Vicente said...

Nice environment, but you are missing a second monitor ;)

Other than that, looks really good!


Julio Gorgé said...

@Vicente: Thanks, although I'd rather have a single bigger screen than a dual setup.

Guy said...

Nice. Looking forward to have one of those new cinema displays too attached to the Air :)